Digital Fault Recorder : TA-300A



•Circuit Breaker & Disconnecting Switch (DB/DS) Tester TA-300A (Hereafter, this device) is packing power supply for open / close operation and contact operation and recorder in a unit.
•In this device, contact operation of CB/DS can be recorded and the operating time is counted.
•Moreover, the current waveform of the operating coil or the driving motor can be measured and recorded.
•TA-300A is designed for effective open / close test of newly constructed CB/DS and their periodic inspection.


High brightness LCD for outdoor’s use and simple operations by a Touch Panel
User friendly operation, operation setting will be done through a Touch Panel.
Manual operation button for T, C, STOP and power switch only.
Built-in induction voltage elimination circuit
Built-in induction voltage elimination circuit and get test result completely free from influence of induced voltage.
Measure the pre-closing time of the ohmic contact
Display of  measurement  results  waveform of "ohmic contact" and "pre-closing" time.
Automatic pumping prevention check
Check CB’ s internal fail-safe function.
Remaining close pulse after CO (trip-free) operation and remove open pulse(trip) and confirm not close CB.
Able to perform open-phase test
Confirm fail-safe function of CB to prevent open-phase situation.
After open CT’s phase-A and B (or close), test open C (or close) after a few seconds.
All test results can be displayed on a screen
Test result(Numerical value record and Waveform record) can be displayed immediately and easy to confirm evaluation.
Test result data can be saved up to 50 events and downloaded by using the PC’s browser via LAN I/F.
Also possible to print.


CB Trip operation CB Trip result
(Wave form)
CB Trip Operation CB Trip result
•Displaying whole waveform by changing the time axis scale.
•Display rotation is available.