Digital Fault Locator : SFL-2000



•SFL-2000 (Surge Type Fault Locator) automatically computes the fault location. For example, it can locate the instantaneous fault caused by lightning or temporary tree contacting to transmission lines, and the permanent fault caused by breaking of wire or continuous tree contacting to transmission lines.
•It shows you the fault location of long-distance transmission line.
•By using SFL-2000, you can promptly make the power system recover from the permanent fault.
•It is also useful to check the damage of transmission line and insulator when an instant fault occurs.


System :
Surge type fault locater system consists of Surge Type Fault Locators (SFL-2000) installed in the terminals of transmission lines and a Fault Locator Server (F/L Server) which performs fault locating calculation.
High accurate 10MHz(sampling) and reliable fault detection :
SFL-2000 performs monitoring and recording with high-speed sampling of 10MHz and a low-speed sampling of 12.8kHz (or 15.36kHz) which synchronized with internal GPS clock.
SFL-2000 detects transmission line fault and records the waveforms.
F/L Server receives waveforms from SFL-2000, calculates the fault location accurately based on the fault surges arrival time difference at the substations.
E-mail notice :
E-mail is automatically sent to the people who are registered as receivers to notify the occurrence of the fault.
Highly operable human machine interface :
One can access the F/L server by web browser to browse the details of the fault location results. One can also access SFL-2000 by web browser.


•Not only F/L server but also surge recorder is equipped with a web server.
•One can access the F/L server and SFL-2000 from one’s PC by web browser.
SFL-2000 Interface