Digital Fault Recorder : NEO-5000



•This system is Fault Recorder which consists of main equipment (NEO-5000), input converter (ISO-3032) and receiver (PC, standard browser and special waveform analysis software).
•Maximum observation elements are 64ch of analog elements and 128ch of ON/OFF elements (When it consist of 2 sets of ISO-3032).
•It monitor line fault continuously and record the waveform when fault occurs.
•Through communication line, downloading the data from receiver (PC), fault analysis is possible by waveform analyzing software.


High accurate measuring :
Using 16bitA/D converter high accuracy computing is possible. Sampling frequency is 3200/6400Hz (50Hz system) or 3840/7680Hz (60Hz system).
Web server is mounted :
Display of monitoring element, change of each setting, download of recorded wave shape are done by standard browser. Therefore local operation is easy because special software is not needed.
High reliability :
There is no moving parts(cooling fan、Hard disc). Long term support is possible because Linux OS is used. Multi-channel, Large scale memory Max. input analog element is 64ch、max. ON/OFF input element is128ch. Max. recording wave is 100 in main equipment (analog 16ch + ON/OFF 32ch group unit, grouping between equipment is possible)
Synchronizing sampling circuit is installed :
By installing GPS synchronizing function (option), synchronizing sampling among all channels of each equipment is possible. High accuracy fault analysis and fault locating is possible by synchronizing measurement timing among each remote site. GPS receiver can mount inside of main equipment to optimize and minimize the space.
Network support :
It has connection performance to internet and intranet and can built the wide power monitoring system by 100Mbps (hardware specification) high speed communication.
Compatibility with existing equipment :
Panel cut dimensions are same as old model of AMT-3000.


•This is special software to display and analyze the data recorded internal memory at receiver (PC).
•When fault occur, it download the recorded data from main equipment to receiver (PC), and display waveform and do numerical analysis.
•And it can display vector and impedance locus chart.
NEO-5000 Software