Digital Fault Recorder : AMX-2200



•AMX-2200 is a compact fault-recording device with LAN, by a personal computer for its network server.
•Its basic concepts are "all in one", as for build-in input isolator, internal trigger, large memory, thermal line printer,communication interface, real-time clock calendar in it.
•AMX-2200 can be added optional functions such as GPS receiver and voltage dips monitor and Wave form analysis software.


Advanced specifications :
High-speed sampling, 3840Hz (60Hz area) / 3200Hz (50Hz area)
High-resolution by 16 bit A/D converter
High-speed communication by LAN
High-resolution by synchronous clock interface by GPS (option)
High-speed printout by thermal line printer
Simplified operation :
Keypads and LED's on the front panel are available for simplified basic setting and daily operation without PC High-speed printout is available to show fault data automatically, if you have nether PC or FAX at site.
Compatibility feature :
Formats of its fault data are compatible with KINKEI's other fault recorders. So user can use a analysis software of same type for KINKEI's recorder.
AMX-2200's case dimensions and terminals/connectors arrangement are designed with compatibility for replacement the old fault recorder, KINKEI Type AMP-0814.
Long life and simplified maintenance :
AMX series are designed to use large memory storages and large capacitors instead of hard disks and batteries.


•Waveform data are displayed, measured and analyzed, by a personal computer connected to local area network.
•Printing the waveform data are also available through the computer.
AMX-2200 Software