Digital Fault Recorder : AMT-7000



•The AMT-7000 is a highly accurate multipurpose power system recorder equipped with various functions to monitor and record electric power system such as DFR,SER, PMU and DDR, integrated in 19 inch 6U chassis.
•It inputs up to 64 analog inputs and 128 digital inputs.
•Furthermore, built-in web server allows user to connect it with Internet Explorer for maintenance purpose.


256spc Sampling :
By sampling the input signals at 256 samples per cycle, high accurate measurement and recording are available.
Digital Fault Recording (DFR) :
Detecting power system fault, pre-fault and post-fault analog/digital data are recorded for 30 seconds in maximum.
Dynamic Disturbance Recording (DDR) :
Detecting power system disturbance, various kind of electric measurements of pre-disturbance and post-disturbance are recorded for 30 minutes in maximum.
Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) :
Phasor measurements in accordance with IEEE StdC37.118-2005areavailable.
Sequence of Event Recording (SER) :
Up to 1000/type of events, such as power system fault, power system disturbance, digital input change, monitor results and operation status, are recorded.
IEC61850 Compliant :
Complies with IEC61850 and can subscribe GOOSE message from station bus, trigger DFR and record to DFR and SER.
The recorded DFR/DDR data are in accordance with IEEE Std C37.111-2013(COMTRADE). Efficient and easy-to handle binary format (.cff) is adopted.
Human machine interfaces :
5.7 inch color LCD with touch panel is equipped. Build-in web server provides browser based HMI. Users can access the AMT-7000 from anywhere remotely or locally.
Time Correction :
Time corrections with built-in GPS receiver, IRIG-B signal input or NTP are available. When synchronized by GPS the data sampling timing of each AMT-7000 are synchronized accurately. Therefore, it is possible to compare phase angles at various locations.


•The Data Manager which runs on Windows* automatically receives therecorded data from the AMT-7000 and managesit.
AMT-7000 Data ManagerData Manager
•By the Waveform Analysis Software which runs on Windows*, various analysis such as detailed waveform display, waveform composition, vector display are available.(Windows 7, 8.1or 10)
AMT-7000 Software
Waveform Analysis Software